12 oct. 2018

Revista Reciteia - 18 años difundiendo el conocimiento

Revista ReCiTeIA

Revisiones de la Ciencia, Tecnología
e Ingeniería de los Alimentos

Publicaciones antigüas


Revista ReCiTeIA Año.18 v.16 n.1

Revista ReCiTeIA
Revisiones de la Ciencia, Tecnología
e Ingeniería de los Alimentos
ISSN 2027-6850

La Revista ReCITeIA les da la bienvenida a su 16a Edición.

Volumen 16 Número 1



Revista ReCiTeIA 16(1)

Artículos de Revisión

Efecto de la variación del porcentaje de deformación y velocidad de descenso en análisis de perfil de textura
Effect of the variation of the percentage of deformation and speed of descent in texture profile analysis
G. Juri-Morales, J.S. Ramírez-Navas

Actividad antioxidante de la Flor del plátano
Antioxidant activity in the banana flower
J.S. Vélez-Arenas

La Ciencia de Alimentos: una Revisión para Gente Interesada
Food Science: A Review for Interested People
G. Ríos-Corripio, A.C. Lorenzo-Leal, J.F. Vélez-Ruíz


Listado de eventos relacionados con la Ciencia, Tecnología e Ingeniería de Alimentos y ramas afines

Volumen 16 Número1

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5 mar. 2018

Maestría en Formulación de Productos Químicos y Derivados

Maestría en Formulación de Productos Químicos y Derivados


¿Por qué una maestría en formulación de productos químicos y derivados?

Porque existe una necesidad imperiosa de los sectores manufactureros del país, tales como: el farmacéutico, el cosmético, el de alimentos, el de aseo-limpieza, el agroquímico, entre otros, de fortalecer sus áreas de Investigación y desarrollo con miras al mejoramiento y a la innovación de productos que puedan impactar en los mercados regional e internacional.

Magíster en formulación de productos químicos y derivados

4 semestres (2 años)

Valor del semestre
$ 9.170.000

Constain Salamanca Mejía Ph.D.

Breaking News on Dairy Processing & Markets

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Breaking News on Dairy Processing & Markets
Stevia Ingredient Unlocks Custom Dairy Innovations
Product developers can now achieve the creamy, sweet taste of dairy with less calories and sugar. Sigma-D™ is a natural-origin sweetener customized to bring out the best dairy flavors and texture while reducing development time...   Click Here
Nestlé Canada breaks ground on $51.5m ice cream plant expansion
Nestlé Canada is investing $51.5m to expand its London, Ontario, Canada, ice cream factory where it produces Hӓagen-Dazs, Parlour, and Drumstick brands for all of Canada, where Nestlé has a 38% share of the ice cream market... Read
ACCC concerned Saputo-Murray Goulburn deal could hurt farmers through lower milk prices
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has expressed concerns over the proposed acquisition of the assets of Murray Goulburn by Canadian company Saputo... Read
New dairy products launched in February
It’s time for the monthly round-up of some of the products launched into the dairy aisles around the world in February... Read
Omega-3 milk: Grass feeding beats conventional cattle diets
Cows managed under a ‘grass milk’ dietary regime produce milk containing much higher proportions of omega-3 fatty acids, say researchers... Read
GEA EuroClass 800 milking system increases throughput by 15%
GEA has partnered with ABC Group to supply a EuroClass 800 milking system for the first time in Indonesia... Read
All News Headlines for:    March    February    January
Pizza Hut adds 25% more cheese to pan pizzas as part of dairy checkoff program
More than 6,000 Pizza Hut locations in the US are adding 25% more cheese to its pan pizzas, requiring an additional 150m lbs of milk annually to meet the change, Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) said... Read
Westland and Ausnutria JV commences operations
Pure Nutrition Ltd (PNL), the joint venture company formed by Ausnutria and Westland Milk Products, has commenced operations in the Izone business hub near Rolleston, New Zealand... Read
Research drives OPO demand in Chinese formula market
Scientific research is behind the popularity of OPO in China’s infant formula market, according to Advanced Lipids, a provider of the ingredient... Read
Insufficient dietary calcium intake may lead to higher cardiovascular disease risk, say researchers in Japan... Read
A study of the 134 best-selling protein powders released Wednesday by a group called the Clean Label Project found that many of the plant-based proteins tested poorly with higher levels of heavy metals and other toxins. The brands themselves and industry experts pushed back, saying the group is opaque about its methodology and sources of funding... Read
Almondmilk-fueled brand Kite Hill could potentially play in multiple categories in the ambient, chilled and frozen aisles of the store, says new CEO Rob Leibowitz , who plans to sit down with co-founder Tal Ronnen in the weeks ahead to explore opportunities in every category, and then prioritize which ones to enter. But he added: “There is nothing off the table as far as I am concerned.”.. Read
People who have inadequate magnesium intake may be unable to fully utilise vitamin D supplements, new research suggests... Read
» The little black dress of the dairy world: Good Culture bringing new users and driving higher buy rates for cottage cheese
» GEA gets US approval for ‘flip-flop’ double-seat valve
» Meadow Foods takes over Roil Foods
» Fonterra signs Bangladesh distribution agreement
» Dairy responds to UK government’s agricultural policy document
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